Interior Water Supply System


Ensure financial security in the face of unforeseen water line disruptions with our comprehensive Water Line Protection Program, offered by 911 Sewer & Drain. In the event of a water line break, not only are you confronted with immediate inconveniences such as water puddles, but you also face the prospect of significant repair expenses. By enrolling in our program, you shield yourself from these burdensome costs, as our coverage extends to encompass repair bills. Rest assured, with our proactive approach, we alleviate the stress and financial strain associated with water line damages, effectively safeguarding your peace of mind.

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What is covered:

  • Broken Water Line (Hot & Cold)
  • Leaking Angle Stop(s) (Hot & Cold)
  • Check Vales (Domestic Water Only)
  • Leaking Fixture Supply Line (Hot & Cold)
  • Laundry Valve(s) (Hot & Cold)
  • Leaking Ball Valve (Except Watermain) (Hot & Cold)
  • Mixing Valves (Water Only)
  • Appliance Supply Line (Hot & Cold)


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